Our ESG Targets

Alpek has always made a concerted effort to improve the way it identifies material ESG risks, addresses these issues head-on, discloses its relative progress, and works tirelessly on being a more responsible steward of the planet and the concerns of the company’s broader stakeholder base. 

After concluding an analytically-based review of all our material issues, we are proud to share the following targets:


PET: “Alpek plans to increase its PET bottle recycling capacity to 300 thousand annual metric tons by 2025 to meet its customers’ recycled content needs.”

PP: “Alpek will leverage its partnerships to develop recycling solutions for Polypropylene and increase its share of Copolymers, employed in long-term usage applications.”

EPS: “Alpek commits to grow its long-term usage and sustainable applications for EPS, work on biodegradable alternatives, and increase recycling content in select products to at least 30% by 2030.”

Carbon Emissions & Eco-Efficiency

SBTi approved: “Alpek commits to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 27.5% by 2030 from a 2019 base year. Alpek also commits to reduce scope 3 emissions by 13.5% within the same time frame.”

Alpek also commits to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Occupational Safety

“Alpek plans to reach a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for its employees and contractors in the top decile of its industry, though its goal remains to achieve zero accidents every single day.”

Water Management

“Alpek is closely monitoring its water consumption intensities, particularly in water-stressed areas, and carrying out opportunities to reduce them.”


“Alpek is committed to securing its information and guaranteeing the continuity of its business by maintaining state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems, employee training, and incident response capabilities.”

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“Alpek is committed to further diversifying its workforce through more equitable hiring, retention and development strategies.”


“Alpek is committed to enforcing and exceeding all regulatory requirements on pollution. We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce post-industrial waste, wastewater discharge, and air pollutants from our products and processes.”

Relationship with Customers & Suppliers

“Alpek will work with its customers and suppliers in an effort to actively identify ESG-related risks and the corrective actions needed to make our entire value chain more sustainable.”

Community Engagement

“Alpek cares about all its local communities and is committed to investing its time and profits on activities that contribute to its neighbors’ safety, education, access to services, and quality of life.”


“Alpek’s innovation efforts will be focused on improving its current products and processes, while discovering more environmentally friendly alternatives for both.”

Active ESG Risk Management

“Alpek will continue to reinforce its Governance practices and organization so it may reach the various targets set for each of its ESG Material Issues.”

Sustainable Corporate Governance

“Alpek is committed to further improving the composition and effectiveness of its Board by increasing the frequency ESG topics & metrics are reviewed, as well as enhancing the diversity and experience of its members.”
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