Polyester Fibers

product description

We produce two types of polyester fibers that are ultimately used in a variety of consumer goods. Staple fiber is made from fibers of a limited or discreet length that are spun or woven together, and Filament fiber is a continuous fiber prized for its strength and versatility.

common uses

Staple fiber is used in many household products, such as carpets, home furnishings, and garments. Filament fiber is perfect for clothing, automotive interiors and seatbelts, as well as canvases, conveyor belts, hoses, and other industrial uses.

operated by

Staple fiber is produced by DAK Americas, a subsidiary of Akra and Alpek Polyester. www.alpekpolyester.com

Filament fiber is produced by Akra, also a subsidiary of Alpek Polyester. www.akra.com and www.alpekpolyester.com

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